Our Obituary Collection

At the present time, we have over 30,000 obituaries of Boone County residents on file. Obits are a valuable resource when doing genealogy as they reveal vital and sometimes unknown information about your ancestor. 

Our amazing team of volunteers have spent many years archiving this information to make researching your family easier.


Thanks to a recent grant from the Schwemm Family Foundationyou are now able to search our database of obituaries online!

Thank You Schwemm Family Foundation. We are grateful to have the opportunity of presenting our obituary collection to the public on a digital platform!

You can browse the obituary collection here.

Schwemm Family Foundation

What is the Schwemm Family Foundation?

The Schwemm Family Foundation honors the legacy and generosity of John Butler Schwemm and Nancy Prickett Schwemm.

What is the Foundations Philosophy

Our founders, John and Nancy Schwemm, lived outwardly their core beliefs that compassion and personal integrity should serve as the guiding principles of life’s endeavors, and that our lives are more meaningful if we participate in bettering our communities.

Based on those principals, the Schwemm Family Foundation seeks to promote programs and initiatives that connect people to the past, help improve the way we live in the present, and identify and promote healthy land stewardship far into the future.

For more information on the Schwemm Foundation, please visit their website.