The Chapel

Our chapel area sits in the Grand Gallery and is made up of items from various Boone County churches. Highlighted in this area is a stainglass window from St. James Church, a pulpit from Belvidere Presbyterian Church, many family bibles, a collection plate from First Methodist Church, a baptismal Font from First United Methodist Church and so much more. Standing behind the Pulpit in the Chapel seems to be everyones favorite place to take a photo.

Plymouth Fury

This 1966 Plymouth Fury II four door sedan was the first car built in Chrysler Corporation’s Appembly Plant in Belvidere, Illinois. It came off the line on July 7, 1965 and was presented to the Boone County Historical Society for permanent display on October 8, 1965 when the keys were turned over to Leo Sabien Sr, president of the Society.

The Fury has been in only one parade and that was the 4th of July parade in 1991 and was driven by George Gibson.

On July 19th, 2015, the car headed to Chrysler to celebrate its 50th birthday as part of Chryslers 50th Anniversary celebration.

Duxstad Cabin

Located in the museum is a two-story cabin. The Duxtad cabin was built around 1840 and stood for 130 years on the Duxstad farm in Manchester Township which originally belonged to Eric Duxstad. The Duxstad family gave it to the museum in 1974 so that it would be preserved for future generations.

This weather-beaten two-story structure has walls a foot thick built of heavy hand-hewn logs which are pinned together with two inch wood pegs. The cracks between the logs are packed with a cement like mixture.

When you look through the door and windows of the cabin, pioneer living comes to life.