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Belvidere and Boone County   $20.00

Filled with images and information, this book walks you through the first 100 years of the community's history. Readers can learn about how the popular fair got started, look at historic images of the first pioneers, and take a nostalgic trip back to the days of swimming at Marshall Beach.
The Boone County History Project-made up of a diverse group of residents that include teachers, librarians, historians, and others-searched local archives for images that best describe the county's past. Using resources from the Boone County Historical Museum and Ida Public Library's Local History Room. Images of America: Belvidere and Boone County includes photographs and other visual examples that represent the formative years of Boone County.

In the Shadow of Lincoln and the Civil War     $32.00

From back cover: This book memorializes the forgotten deeds of a few and elevates heroic persons out of obscurity.We remember the events of January 8, 2011 near Tucson, Arizona. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot. This event is still embedded in our minds and many remember that an aide literally saved her life by providing her the proper assistance at a crucial time. Do we know who that aide was? Only those intimately close remember that it was a young intern, Daniel Hernandez Jr., a hero for doing what needed to be done when it needed to be done. The President, in an address on January 12, recognized Hernandez during his presentation and all present applauded loud and long. Millions witnessed the event from visual media. All were so proud. Do we still recall his name now, just a few years later?

My Dear Wife: Civil War Letters from Pvt. Samuel Pepper  $20.00

This spiral bound book is filled with letters from Private Samuel Pepper, Company G-95th Illinois Infantry 1862-1865. Samuels letters to his wife along with her letters to him have been transcribed by author and Civil War buff Franklin R. Crawford.

As you read this book, it gives you a realistic look at what life was like not just for the soldiers but for the families as well. Very compelling read.

Proud To Say I Am A Union Soldier   $29.95

This unique volume contains the final correspondence written by brave soldiers that did not survive the conflict: some died on the battlefield during combat; others understood that they were about to die of wounds received in battle and were able to counsel their family regarding their final disposition. What is the price of freedom? Anyone who has ever asked that question should read these letters.

Country Schools in Boone County    $20.00

Country Schools in Boone County takes a look at the history, location, Adaptive Reuses of 80 Country schools within the county.

Compiled by: William A Schriver and Pauline Johnson

Reproduced 1897 Boone County Fair Poster    $20.00

The museum reproduced the 1897 Boone County Fair poster just in time for the 2015 fair. This is a limited edition item.

Limited Edition Insulated Lunch Bag     $10.00

how your museum support with this brightly colored limited edition quilted lunch bag. The bag is fully insulated, has a zipper top and a pouch on the side to hold your water bottle

Limited Edition Ornament    $5.00

Show your museum support with this limited edition ornament that would look good on any Christmas tree or knick knack shelf